Buy a lighting or a lamp for the living room

Do you want to buy some lighting or lamps ? We offer you a large number of different products, from basic prices to higher ones ! To make your interior shine bright, some lighting is needed, and we are going to give you some ideas for selection.

Industrial wall lights

Industrial wall lights lighten up the mood and are usely used for the bedroom or the bathroom. They are inspired by British cottages and farmhouses, which gives a romantic tone to your interior, and also a sort of authenticity. There are different wall lights available, starting from 55 pounds to 200 or 300 pounds. Take the time to choose your own style, they will not fit to every interior. They are very easy to fix, and also they will not lift off your wall easily, they are made for a great maintain. If you are a diehard fan of wooden style, our industrial wall lights will be perfect for you ! An industrial lighting can for example focus on a particular corner of the room, or it can give the impression that the sofa is aside from the other furniture. That will create a comfy and cozy ambience for people who like to stay a little peaceful.

Desk lamps

Living room furniture

Every interior decoration needs a vintage lighting, that is, a vintage table lamp. When you read on your bed, a little light help to feel cosy. You don’t want a big light which will strike you blind, so a little vintage table lamp will correspond to your demand. What size ? Well, you have all the choice you could ever have : vintage lighting from different shapes, colours and styles ! From 85 pounds to 355, you won’t leave empty-handed. Small or large, our desk lamps produce the idea of vintage lighting.

Industrial ceiling lights

The loft style decoration uses almost always industrial ceiling lights, it has become a sort of tradition. The metal hanging lights of this industrial lighting are very appreciated. Again, you must choose your own by defining what colours you expect, what particular shape, etc. This ceiling lights are all made of metal and fit well in a kitchen or a dining room. Metal is both aesthetic and proof of safety.